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This is how it Began

International Homeroom was founded in the winter of 2007, springing from the inspiration of the founding Chairperson, Sharif Bhuiyan. Having done significant charity work on a smaller scale for approximately 4 years, he wanted to start an organization that utilized his passion for education, helping children in areas where their education is not seen by the government or society as important, and where institutions have failed to support educational institutions.

All of us in this fledgling organization believed that every child should at least be able to read and write their own name. We don't just want to help just one group, race, ethnicity or nationality; we want to help all the forgotten children of the world. The name of the organization, International Homeroom, was actually suggested to our founder by a co-worker at the New York City Medical Examiner's Office. The name suggests a place where all children will be seen as equal regardless of their background. Sharif Bhuiyan initially wanted to form a private foundation but on the suggestion of family members he enlisted the help of his many talented friends.

In September of the follow year the first official meeting took place at our founder's private home, where they discussed how this new organization would operate. That night, the Board of Directors and By-Laws were created. International Homeroom's mission to help bring education to the forgotten children around the world was set in motion.

International Homeroom - Future

Still in its infancy, International Homeroom has begun fundraising and collecting donations for small projects. The Board of Directors has selected Bangladesh as the first country that International Homeroom will focus on helping. It is one of the world's poorest and most illiterate countries, and all six of our Board of Directors were born there. They believe it’s the best place to start since it is a familiar area and they want to show children there that with education you can make it.

Along with our core members, there are more and more volunteers who are joining the organization's efforts. Each member and volunteer brings their unique talent to bring hope to children across the world. Together the organization is striving to help children the world has forgotten about.

International Homeroom - Today

In the future, International Homeroom hopes to continue playing an important role in the development of educational institutions around the world. Below is our list of goals:

By the end of 2010 we anticipate to achieve the goal of helping to fund for the resources needed in 10 different institutions in 10 different districts of Bangladesh.

Beyond 2010 we hope to move on to a different country. The country will be decided on by the Board of Directors at that time.

We will continue to grow and evolve with the growing needs of children. We will help nurture and help build the young child's mind, and in doing so, hope that the child’s life has transformed into something better.

International Homeroom is recognized and registered under 501(c)(3) as a non-profit
charity organization.
Our ID is 26-3591369

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In 2011 Fiscal Year, International Homeroom reported contributing towards goods causes more then 90% of its total earnings.

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In the theory and practice of teaching, International Homeroom is the road students take, to reach their full potential in life!

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