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Mission Statement

International Homeroom is a secular organization dedicated to bring change in developing nations by generating financial support for educational institutions in impoverished international communities.

In keeping with this focus, our members, volunteers and supporters are involved with and support projects that are secular and have an education-related component to them. The objectives of this group are:

1. To provide educational support to underprivileged children in developing nations.

2. To encourage the formation of various local groups across the world to reach out to larger sections of the population.

3. To support and cooperate with persons and groups already engaged in similar activities.

4. It is our goal for children everywhere, boys and girls alike, to be able to complete a full course of primary schooling.

5. To raise the required human and other resources to achieve the group objectives.

6. To provide opportunities to each every child living in developing nation to succeed in life through education.

7. To address, whenever possible, issues affecting education.

8. To help bring social-economic changes to the lives of children with education.

International Homeroom is recognized and registered under 501(c)(3) as a non-profit
charity organization.
Our ID is 26-3591369

Trust Us

In 2011 Fiscal Year, International Homeroom reported contributing towards goods causes more then 90% of its total earnings.

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Only you can make a difference where you are, become part of our team and we'll help make sure it comes true!

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In the theory and practice of teaching, International Homeroom is the road students take, to reach their full potential in life!

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