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Board of Trustees

Nazrul Islam


Nazrul Islam's reason for joining International Homeroom came from his ambition to help others weather it was through education or donations. Nazrul always wanted to help people that do not have the same opportunity as he did as a child. Recently Nazrul took the role of handing out schoolbags in Bangladesh. "The project was a huge success which really opened my eyes" says Nazrul. Nazrul Islam became even more motivated to help out more and more kids around the world. Nazrul believes that International Homeroom is on track to grow and continue helping Primary school students in disadvantaged communities.

Fazlul Rahim

Chief Executive Director

Fazlul Rahim was born and raised in Bangladesh. As a child he always saw his parents helping people in need up until today. Living here in the USA, Fazlul always sent money back home to Bangladesh, for the poor people. "I still remember my very first check, working over the summer break, during junior high school, at the age of 15. I sent the money to back home (Bangladesh)," as Fazlul continues... "Working with my good friends from International Homeroom, is just another step up for me to help the poor students and schools that need help around the world. Together as a team, we'll make a bigger impact!"

M. Rashid Bhuiyan

Chief Secretary

Ever since M. Rashid Bhuiyan was a little child, he has wanted to help those that were most in need– those that weren't capable of achieving the same goals as he was in the United States. M. Rashid Bhuiyan was very concerned about the children in his home country, Bangladesh and other children in poor nations around the world. Noticing his success in life and career, he has been committed to providing the same care and love he received in the States to the forgotten children of the world. M. Rashid Bhuiyan believes with education kids can become the leaders of the future.

Mohammed Meah

Chief Treasurer

Adeel Hussain

Senior Public Relations

International Homeroom is proud to welcome aboard Adil Hussain, who is leading the effort to help our second country of support, Pakistan. Adil donated & watched as the other board members did wonderful things back in Bangladesh and he felt the company could grow to do similar work in the new country.


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Our ID is 26-3591369

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In 2011 Fiscal Year, International Homeroom reported contributing towards goods causes more then 90% of its total earnings.

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In the theory and practice of teaching, International Homeroom is the road students take, to reach their full potential in life!

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