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This school was an established community based institute. It was receiving partial support from the government. Since the school was fund adequately with books and tables from the community. The school principal asked up for these three items. The school needed their bathroom repaired, fans and a new steel armoire for safe keeping of important student and school documents.

PHOTO CREDITS: Sharif & Mohammed Bhuiyan, February 2009

Although the schools able to keep its beauty at the front of its building, they fail inside. As showed in the slideshow, their filing cabinets are near destroyed, you can see how the classrooms are used as storage, not considering the children's health & safety. The students are very bright and shows potential to learn!

Here is a short YouTube clip, of the students during a classroom lesson. The students are reading out loud what is written in their textbooks, "I am Helen, I am nine years old. I am in class four. My father is a doctor, my mother is a teacher. I have one grandfather & one sister."

PHOTO CREDITS: Sharif & Mohammed Bhuiyan, March 2009

As much as we wanted to give them all of what they requested we decided to give them only two of the three items. We gave them the fans they requested to help alleviate the summer sweltering heat and humidity. The second item we gave was the steel armoire. The old one was rotting away from rust and heavy use. This steel armoire, we believe is very important because it holds important documents of students and school administration. School need to safe keep students’ record for long period of time as verification for future education and professional background checks. This school is very community based. The students help take care of the schools garden and help make sure to clean the school area. The students are very involved in making their school the best it can possible be.

This project as been completed, thanks to our donors! However, we are still raising awareness & funds for other projects which will support students & their schools!
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