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This school is a very community based school, Sharif Bhuiyan, the founder of the organization lived right next door to the school. Sharif Bhuiyan beliefs are very similar to our mission goal. To provide students with at least the basic elementary level education in reading, writing and math. With this common bond in beliefs we decided to help them grow this mission the community.

PHOTO CREDITS: Sharif & Mohammed Bhuiyan
DATE: January 2009

The principal requested benches, chairs, fans and a new bathroom. Much like the Chatithola School, this school needed a bathroom but unlike Chatithola school, Debipur didn’t even have a bathroom on schools grounds. They were using a bathroom that a neighbor a kind enough to share. Students were instructed to use the bathroom before they come to class.

PHOTO CREDITS: Sharif & Mohammed Bhuiyan
DATE: February 2009

We decided to give this school the fans, benches and chairs as they requested. We wanted to give them a bathroom but couldn’t due to shortage of funds. The principal asked if we could instead give them new classroom doors. So instead of a bathroom we installed new steel doors in all the classrooms. These doors provided the school with a security for their materials.

This project as been completed, thanks to our donors! However, we are still raising awareness & funds for other projects which will support students & their schools!
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